The Kyctarniq’s Photobased Resource Pack was to begin with a texture pack, but after the file size got to large the creator changed it to a resource pack. I really like this resource pack, as I do with anything in Minecraft that is photo-ba...[Read More]

This is a Japanese Ukiyo-e style 128×128 texture pack based on the PS2/Wii video game Okami. How to install Okami Resource Pack for Minecraft In order to use HD texture packs properly (32× and higher) you will need to either patch your Mine...[Read More]

Good Morning Craft is a simple, yet quirky 16p texture pack that offers a complete overhaul of the textures on Minecraft with no FPS loss. How to Install Good Morning Craft Texture Pack Make sure your  Minecraft is updated to 1.6 or higher ...[Read More]

Smooth Realistic Resource Pack is pack that you can use to create a beautiful realistic buildings. With this texture pack you can create or improve your current buildings and make it look more realistic. High resolution of 128x and well-dra...[Read More]

About Johnsmith Legacy Resource Pack Continuing the legacy… With the original author of the John Smith texture pack being on hiatus for an unknown amount of time, and the last version of Minecraft to be completely textured being 1.2.5, many...[Read More]

Pretty new minecraft resource pack named as Diglett’s Mine. The pack itself is based on Pokemons. As a fan of Pokemon franchise, I’ve decided to try DIGLETT’S MINE Pokemon Resource Pack by my self and I can say that this is one of the best ...[Read More]

Hello, dear minecrafters! My name is Norzeteus and I want to invite you to have a look at my new resourcepack “Space”. It was a challenge for me to create textures with a futuristic style (inspired by Tron Legacy),a touch of “retro look” at...[Read More]

Smoothic resource pack is a pack that should get a big respect. It is beautiful, simple but still detailed. Just because it is 16×16 resolution it does not require you to install additional mods like optifine or mcpatcher. Main feature of t...[Read More]

Cyber Optics HD Resource Pack is for the sci-fi enthusiast within you. The pack utilizes a variety of science and futuristic visuals and textures to enhance Minecraft’s look to the next level and provide players with a fresh experience that...[Read More]

Dreams of Drean resource pack is definitely one of the most peculiar and unique resource packs that you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying in Minecraft. The pack has actually been inspired by music, Lindsey Stirling in particular, so you...[Read More]

The Flows HD Revival resource pack is definitely one of the few packs that’d take place in the resource pack hall of fame if there ever was one for Minecraft. It’s one of the most beautiful and high-quality resource packs out there. Flows H...[Read More]

How to install Darklands Medieval Resource Pack? Download Darklands Medieval Resource Pack. Open Minecraft, and go to Options->Resource Packs->Open Resource Packs Folder. Drag the zip file you downloaded into that folder. Select the p...[Read More]

Modern HD resource pack adds several new painting images to replace the old ones, which means players who especially enjoy decorating their homes, castles, fortresses and whatever else will now have many new options to choose from. In terms...[Read More]

‘Default 3D’ is an add-on resource pack for the default look of Minecraft, that contains both 3D block models and 3D item models, which closely match the default ones. Occasionally, due to the use of blockstates, some blocks will have somet...[Read More]

About R3D.CRAFT, pronounced “Red Craft” or “R-3-D Craft”, is a high quality texture pack that can be applied to the game, Minecraft. Based on the default texture that belongs to this game, R3D.CRAFT tries to bring more realization, with hig...[Read More]

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