X-Ray Mod for all lazy guys/cheater out there How to use: Just press X to toggle ON/OFF (Key can be set in Minecraft config menu) To edit the Ores and the color just press F6 How to install Kradxn’s X-ray Mod for Minecraft: Download and ins...[Read More]

Minecraft is an amazing game which has vastly developed over the last years. Even more over the last months. During this time, all of the mobs developed have been worked on and were made to look more or less ‘realistic’. So this mod changes...[Read More]

The Why Not Craft Mod created by the developer ‘djelliotth’. This mod actually acts like more of a community project. The idea of this pack is that the community put ideas forward to the developer and he will create it. Literally, anything ...[Read More]

This mod introduces a new rare gem called “mithril,” which can be crafted into three new sets of tools! Below, is an amazing video made by “EpicKnife” which should explain all of functions of this mod. How to install Thorin’s Mod for Minecr...[Read More]

The Ninja Mod implements many different katanas, items, and a new world-generated ore! How to use: When you first start out survival, instead of making a boring old wooden sword, you can make a wooden katana. You can keep upgrading your kat...[Read More]

The developer of this mod hated seeing snow in vanilla Minecraft world. He thought it was stupid seeing hot deserts bordering on winter wonderlands, and I have to agree. The contrast between snow biomes and other biomes makes it look a litt...[Read More]

The Recycler Mod adds one main feature to Minecraft. ‘The Recycler’ is a new machine that you can create and will turn any item back into its original resources gradually. This process will take time but can be sped up in various different ...[Read More]

The WebChat Mod is a very smooth running mod for your servers. If you are annoyed by the text in a server taking up half your screen then this mod could be for you. What this mod does is relocate the chat logs that are usually at the bottom...[Read More]

It’s a way of transporting items, fluids and power across the entire world without having to use pipes which can cause lag and lots of expense and crafting. Recipes: To create the basic item teleport pipe -> – E – DGD –...[Read More]

This pack originally launched in April 2012, contains every weapon from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! You can craft every weapon, suppressors and red dot sights for each of them, or if that doesn’t suit your needs take a ride in an AC-130...[Read More]

The Black Ops 2 Weapons Pack released in March 2013 again contains each and every weapon from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! Craft your own set of weapons, challenge your friends, take on a mob of zombie or slaughter a group of innocent wildlif...[Read More]

If you have every played totally vanilla Minecraft then you will know that the archery options to not cover too much. There is one bow and one set of arrows! I think that this is a huge shame because I think archery and firing bows is one o...[Read More]

If you have ever played the ‘Left 4 Dead’ series of games you will know about the online mode. The online versus allows two teams of players to control humans and monsters and pitch them against each other. This was never possible on Minecr...[Read More]

There are no recipes for this mod.  I don’t mean no recipe images, you cannot craft anything new with this mod. You may be wondering how you get these items due to that.  Well, it’s not too difficult, since you don’t have to find a dungeon....[Read More]

This mod is fanfiction of “Shanghai Alice Gengakudan(Touhou Project)”. This mod adds 6 dolls (individually user spawned mobs) from Alice Margatroid into Minecraft. Each doll has a special ability to aid the player automatically. Abstract: T...[Read More]

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