[1.5.2] La Pesadilla De Herobrine Map Download

The Nightmare of Herobrine Map, made by killercreeper55, places the player into the world of ‘Joel’. He lives in a small village that is troubled by a harrowing curse. Each night, a terrifying nightmare invades the sleep of the inhabitants. In this nightmare is of course, Herobrine. With piercing white eyes and a dark figure, the villagers hope to kill Herobrine and end the curse… unfortunately, this means travelling to the Dream World!

La Pesadilla De Herobrine Map Features and Rules

  • The download of this map comes with a recommended custom texture pack that is edited to further enhance your experience! The ‘Too Many Items‘ Mod is recommended as it helps with the path of the map.
  • You must play this map in PEACEFUL difficulty, unless told to do otherwise.
  • Find 10 music discs and 60 pieces of gold to unlock new items!

La Pesadilla De Herobrine Map Positives and Negatives

PROS: This map employs many of the new functions to further enhance its play ability and fun! The storyline is gripping and the builds are extensive and very impressive! Overall this just a fantastic map that is definitely worth a download!
CONS: There are hardly any negatives with this map, it is nail biting from start to finish! One downside is that there is no changelog/updates available to the public





How to Install La Pesadilla De Herobrine Map

  1. This map does not require any exterior installations to run properly.
  2. Simply just download the latest version of ‘The Nightmare of Herobrine’ Map and after extracting with WINRAR.
  3. Drag and drop the .zip files/folder into the ‘saves’ folder within your Minecraft.jar

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  1. So Big!!!!



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