[1.12] Packet Filter Mod Download

The Packet Filter

The purpose of this block is to filter out “packets” of items from any number of inputs, so that if you have multiple types of items being inputted into an inventory it won’t clog up with any single item, instead it will be outputted in the exact ratio that is specified in the template slots. The demonstration is slightly outdated, as the block now adds buttons for filtering and ignoring NBT data.

Routing Packet Filter

Version 1.2.0 introduces a new block called the Routing Packet filter, which is a more advanced version of the packet filter that can set each output slot to output to a specific side of the block rather than all outputs only going out the bottom face. It also has the ability to auto-eject items (now in the WIP button in the above image).

Routing Item Splitter

Introduced in version 1.3.0, the Routing Item Splitter is essentially a multi-directional hopper that takes input through the top and will split the contents between any number of the other faces and eject them. In the above picture if you put, say, 20 iron ore in the top hopper it would distribute 10 iron ore to each furnace.


Minecraft Forge


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