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This mod adds two new ores in the end. Ussualy, in that world, once you’ve killed the enderdragon you can only farm enderpearls or mine some endstone.its always nice to find a few things while mining endstone:
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
On the left,”the ender ore” and on the right “the ender coal”
End ores can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe.Than you’ll have to smelt it :
EnderOre Mod
For the end coal, the block directly drops the coal. The fortune enchantment does work with it. It can be used in a furnacle to melt 32 items :
EnderOre Mod
With this mod, you can also find a new structure in the end. Its an end village. You can find at least 3:
EnderOre Mod
You’ll find in this village your first endtree. Be carfull, the enderdragon can destroy a few items in the villages.

You can craft some enderplanks with the ender logs :
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
Or some ender charcoal witch will last as long as the ender coal.
The planks can be used to craft some regular stairs or sticks :
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
Tarling about the end tree, its leaves are as explosions resistant as obsidian, they can drop some end dust (so you can have an infinite amound of end ingot)
You can craft all the tools with ender ingots or just a block.
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
They have 3 times more durability than diamonds tools,they are 75 % faster.
You can also craft an enderbow :
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
It is faster, it shoots further and is more powerfull .
The block itself can only be droped with an enderpickaxe, not eaven ith a diamond one.
It can also be used with beacons :
EnderOre Mod
This mod also add a few decoration blocks :
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
Of cource armors too are added . They will last 3 times longer than diamond ones :
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod



Enderore is compatible with others mods :
here are the macerator recipes :
EnderOre Mod
refinery recipe for ender fuel :
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
EnderOre Mod
refinery recipe for ender coolant :
EnderOre Mod
and with IC2 coolant (10k/30k/60k coolant cell) :
EnderOre Mod
Fuel for combustion engine :
EnderOre Mod
Good production, same thing for durability but beware of overheating!
But you can also cool down 7 times better!
EnderOre Mod
EnderOre Mod
Buildcraft’s combustion engines ate better, but more dangerous.Forestry’s motors dont blow up.
EnderOre Mod
With 5 logs, you get an enderfluid bukkit and 20 plancs.
Its the easiest way to get some enderfluid, is to use a cokeoffen :
EnderOre Mod
4 logs or 2 coal for a bucket.





  • Client update only
  • Fixed “fast” and “fancy” texture for the tree
  • Fixed item and bloc name

EnderOre, it will add a few ores and items in relation with the end. It is compatible with buildcraft, railcraft, forestry and industrialcraft Configuration: In your .minecraft, you’ll find a “config” folder, open it. Inside, you’ll find en EnderOre.cfg file, open it with notepad or notepad++ You’ll be able to set each individual ids for the mod. For other mods, enderore will automaticly detect their presence. Installation:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download EnderOre Mod zip file
  • Put EnderOre Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done



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