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This mod is spectacular. Very smart indeed. This mod allows you to record in game footage in high resolution in your world of minecraft. While playing in your world, simply press your F4 key on your keyboard and a  plopping sound can be heard. This indicates that the recording has begun, now you are free to roam about and do normal things, like you would do in a normal day of minecraft. Build, break, build again, then run from creepers. Sounds easy right? Its alot more complicated than it sounds.

When pressing the F6  key on your keyboard in game. A GUI will appear. This holds all the more advanced and important details when it comes to saving and filming your videos with the mod. By default, all videos will be saved in your minecraft directory, for example: %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft.

All videos are saved in a new file similar to the way screenshots are saved. Just remember to delete any unwanted videos to reduce in game and out of game lag, and to clear unwanted memory usage. The video posted above can lie somewhat. It is not compatible with tekkit launcher, but the Technic pack mod should work just fine.

This is a great mod to use if you cant afford the good quality and expensive software. It works just the same, the only thing you will need is an editing software. But most people can just settle for something like Windows Movie Maker. Even though everyone hares it.

How to install MineVideo Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge Universal
  2. Download the MineVideo mod.
  3. Open the zip and drag all the contents into your minecraft.jar (%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin, us
  4. Done enjoy!

Download links for other versions:






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