[1.4.7] No Voidfog Mod Download

Minecraft is cool because you can build anything you like and want in it. But don’t you just hate it when anything stops or makes it difficult for you to do so? I know most of you guys should have thought of building some skyscrapers in your Minecraft world. However, something’s been distracting us from doing so. Especially, when using the bedrocks, because of its nature of creating fogs and dark tone around it, making cool and tall buildings was so much time-consuming and annoying. Guess what? The No Voidfog Mod will solve the problem!

What it does is simple. It will remove the fog and the darkening nature of bedrocks from the game so that building can be much easier and comfortable. Plus, the constructed buildings will look much better on clear sights.

The two major features of No Voidfog Mod

  1. Void fog is removed near bedrock.
  2. Darkening effect of the bedrock is removed.

How to install No Voidfog Mod

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Open “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
  3. Open .minecraft folder and the bins folder inside it.
  4. Open minecraft.jar with winrar or 7zip.
  5. Move all the contents in the downloaded mod file into your jar.
  6. Delete META-INF.
  7. Enjoy!

Download links for other versions:




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