[1.5.1] AMCO Mods Download

A new player? having troubles of downloading “lots” of mod to catch up with your friends updates? This mod does give you everything and everything is everything. This mod gives you the chance to download an “overhaul” of mod in one download which actually saves tons of time in real life. This mod also include its own mod which is just some new textures and high quality stuff. By the way this mod only works with the real server minecraft, which means unfresh copies are doomed.

Arrrg’s MineCraft Overhaul Features

  • Mod loader Mp, required by most other mods
  • Mod loader, technically the bread and butter of everything
  • Audio Mods, allows sounds to be added
  • Forge, required by some other mods as well
  • Elevator, Have you seen one? it’s the same…
  • Light sensor, a lighter in minecraft
  • A show off for the new items presented
  • Armor stands, used to display new armors

Those are just the “small” part of it, there are way way much more in this mod than what is presented up there. There are dinosaurs, books, magic, and high quality cool stuffs.

How to Install AMCO Mod

  1. Go to %appdata%
  2. Backup the whole .minecraft folder
  3. AMCO require the fresh copy of the game!
  4. Login to www.minecraft.net/login.jsp
  5. Run in Browser and explore a new world for a few seconds.
  6. Save the resulting minecraft.jar file
  7. After getting the fresh vanilla of minecraft
  8. Unzip Amco anywhere you like
  9. Open it with java
  10. The installer will start, and all you need to do is press next.
  11. Finish!

You should start the game with a bed and a receipt for everything.

Credits: Arrg

It’s a nice way to create a mod by others mods. Since you got the license and asked for rights it is one way to create a great mod which saves people great time, thanks alot for the handy mod.


Download links for other versions:




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