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Erebus Dimension Mod = Implemented
Erebus Dimension Mod = Working on itErebus Dimension Mod Beetles:

The Beetles are passive mobs, which drop Exoskeleton plates (armor material). They come in 5 different colors: Brown, Red, Green, Blue and Beige.

Erebus Dimension Mod

Erebus Dimension Mod Maggots:

Maggots are a passive mob and they will be one of the main food sources. They drop a Raw maggot, which can be cooked into a Cooked maggot. No other drops planned yet.

Finished model:

Erebus Dimension Mod

Related items:

Erebus Dimension Mod

Raw maggot: Erebus Dimension Mod
Cooked maggot: Erebus Dimension Mod

Erebus Dimension Mod Flies

They will be used to add a little more atmosphere to the dimension. They will have no function in the form of drops, but spiders will probably hunt them down (little extra feature).

Finished model:

Erebus Dimension Mod



Amber Bricks:

Erebus Dimension Mod

Gold Blocks are Amber blocks.

Amber in the furnace will give you Amber Glass. It looks kinda weird when in your inventory, but it become transparent when placed.

You can use the Exoskeleton dropped by Beetles to make some Exoskeleton armor. This can’t be worn yet though, unfortunatly.

Raw foods can be cooked, easy enough.

Recipe for the Activator:

Erebus Dimension Mod

In the vast caverns that were hidden below the bedrock in Minecraftia, nothing could live. At least, that was what people thought. But the roots of life planted their seeds in this place too, growing a huge vibrant world, with nothing in it, animal-wise.

Explorers of the ancient ancestors of both Steve and the Villagers, entered this wonderful world, by using the most advanced spells they had. They did it before with the Nether and the End, so why not this new realm?

Not only the humans entered this new world, which was called the Erebus, ”the Underground”. Various bugs traveled with them, hidden in their skin and inventory.

The explorers build beautiful buildings, from small villages to huge pyramids. But the bugs… the overdose of oxygen, caused by the plants producing so much air that couldn’t go anywhere else, caused them to mutate into much larger forms.

Unfortunatly, this meant the end for these explorers. The ones that weren’t eaten by the arthropods traveled back to the Overworld, leaving behind the temples they created to access the Erebus.

Now, there is a world with dangerous arthropods, long abandonded by any form of vertebrate life, ready to be explored.


  • Install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Erebus Dimension Mod zip file from the link at the bottom of this post
  • Put Erebus Dimension Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done.

Download links for other versions:






  1. As a suggestion, you should add some new mobs to Erebus. Erebus seems kinda empty. Maybe a Hippocampus?? (Water horse) or a Nokken boss! (can turn invisible) And new water where Hippocampus spawns silver lining water, which can be used as a light source! 🙂

  2. By the way just look on Google to see how they look like. The POWER OF THE INTERNET! :3



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