[1.5.2] Instant Lake Block Mod Download

It’s a pain to make lakes, isn’t it?  You have to fill up a hole with a different material and do the lake layer by layer so it doesn’t look like a waterfall.  Well, with this mod you don’t have to anymore.  The instant lake blocks mod adds in two new blocks and a new item.  It adds in the Instant Lake Block, which fills in a layer of the hole with water up to 150 blocks by default, the Lavapool Block, which does the same, except with lava, and finally the Magic Bucket which removes entire layers of water or lava.

Instant Lake Block Mod BeforeInstant Lake Block Mod After

To make these items all you have to do is surround a diamond with eight water buckets for the lake block, eight lava buckets for the lavapool block, and eight empty buckets for the magic bucket.  It’s not too cheap, but it’s useful for lake scenery and clearing caves of those nasty lava pools.  I think the magic bucket pays for itself in the long run, really.

Instant Lake Block Mod Main Features

This mod’s main features are the Instant Lake block, the Instant Lavapool Block, and the Magic Bucket.  Good for making tons of obsidian, or just getting rid of the lava in the first place if that’s more your style.  The bucket doesn’t actually pick up the liquids, though, it only takes away the layer you click with it.  There’s also a configuration file in your .minecraftconfig folder which allows you to change the amount of liquids the bucket is allowed to drain.

Instant Lake Block Mod Pros and Cons

Pros: The magic bucket makes it a whole lot easier to find materials under lava pools.  The instant lake block is really nice for decorating a house.

Cons: Whoops, I just fell in the lava pool I accidentally made…

How to Install Instant Lake Block Mod

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Run Minecraft
  3. Close Minecraft
  4. Locate your .minecraft folder(%appdata%.minecraft)
  5. Drag the InstantLake_5.0.zip folder into the mods folder within .minecraft
  6. Run and enjoy your massive lava lakes.

Download links for other versions:




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