[1.5.1] Weeping Angels Mod Download



This mod adds the following creature to the game.

As well as two Blocks.

Statue Block – Rare Drop from a Weeping Angel

and a Spawn Block which can only be spawned in with the item id of 207.


  • This mob has a spawn rate of 2% (Rare).
  • The Weeping Angel will freeze when seen (includes other angels [broken])(Within FOV (This FOV is locked to a specific value and does not change with minecraft options.. yet).
  • When not seen will run towards the player; various movement the creature make will be based on if it is aggroed or not and the distance between the player and creature.
  • When it is not day or the angel is in a cave with a light source, the angel will try to remove it to create darkness which enables the angel to attack and move towards the player even if the player is looking at the creature (Light level < 0). When the creature is looked at directly, the player will be de buffed which will last for a short period of time. This debuf will cause the player to walk slowly. (As if it has turned to stone)
  • A weeping angel has a 1 in 30 chance on hit of teleporting the player, when this happens on attack it will teleport the player in a 200 block radius; either above the ground or in a cave.
  • They can be killed by using a iron pickaxe (Normal difficulty) or a diamond pickaxe (Hard difficulty).


  • Rare Drop from a Weeping Angel
  • Can be placed as decorative items.
  • Comes to life when powered by Redstone

Spawn Block:

  • Only be spawned in ID 207.
  • Same texture as stone to blend in to environments
  • When powered by redstone, will spawn ONE Weeping Angel directly above the placed block.
  • (Only if there isn’t already an angel within a TWO block radius of the spawn block)

Spawn Egg:

  • Spawns ONE Weeping Angel when used.
  • Available from creative item menu.


  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Close Minecraft
  • Go to Minecraft.jar. You can find this in Windows in C:Users[Your User Name]AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods
  • Copy the XXXWeepingAngel.zip into mods
  • Start Minecraft and have fun!

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