[1.6.2] Electrolysm 0.7.4 Mod Download

Electroysm (El-ect-ro-lie-some) is based on real life science, discoveries and engineering. You can research the most advanced machines and ideas, or just use the pure basics. This mod is currently a WIP mod however we are adding loads of new features daily, so if you have any suggestions or ideas then please contact me.

Electroysm also adds a brand new research system which is lag free and dynamic, this system will also become more advanced and more dynamic as the versions go on.

Create hidden chambers, vaults. Mine with extreme efficiency. Triple you ore to ingot output(Later versions) Explore the diseased biomes and derelict science labs.

Here is the latest video by SecludedDryad

Blast Proof Glass (Modified and normal) Liquid Plasma Research Desk Zombie Scientist Derelict Science Lab Electrolysm




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