[1.6.2] Pam’s Melon Spawn Mod Download

Playing Minecraft is awesome, nobody will argue with that, but playing the same old Minecraft over and over again, makes the game lose the fun which is pity full. But heres a question, what is the thing you do most in Minecraft? Correct! The three things you do most of the time is: Mining, gathering wood and farming. So let’s say you are farming, after a period of time, you get bored and annoyed that there aren’t any other plantations.
But you are wrong! Pam’s Melon Spawn Mod adds watermelons to the game!!! How awesome are watermelons to eat. Now Melons will spawn in any biome and from just s like pumpkins do. You will be able to gather seeds from them and gather the food by growing it on your farm. Watermelons are great and you can’t argue with that. Adding watermelons to Minecraft is a thing that had to be done sooner or later.
Fellow Farmers will enjoy playing ths  mod as it increase their crops and gives a vriety to their patches.


Pam’s Melon Spawn Mod Main Features

Melon spawn mod  is classed as a mini mod, its features are:

  • Melons now spawn in these biomes: jungle, forest, swamp, plains, snow and even ocean!
  • Melons (Watermelons) have the same features like the Pumpkins
  • Melons spawn in patches like the pumpkins
  • You can eat the melons and on breakage they drop seeds

Pam’s Melon Spawn Mod Installation Guide

  1. Download and Install Forge API, do not install ModLoader as it is already installed with Forge and will mess up your game, giving you the black screen.
  2. Download Pam’s Melon Spawn Mod and make sure to keep it in a .rar format
  3. Open your mod directory located at Application SupportRoamingminecraft.mod
  4. Copy the Pam’s Melon Spawn Mod .rar into the mod folder
  5. Close all of the windows, launch Minecraft and enjoy!

Download links for other versions:




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  1. i cant really make minecraft 1.5 work because its new !!!!!!
    plz help



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