[1.8.9] Hit Range Mod Download

With Hit Range Mod, this modification visualizes the hit range of players by drawing circles around every player.



  • You can customize the circles and modify their radius, as well as disable this modification (configuration or by pressing the H key) without uninstalling it.
  • A circle isn’t drawn if you’re dead, the player is dead, the player is invisible (to you), the player is a spectator (1.8), the player is sleeping, the player is sitting inside a vehicle or if you can’t see the player.
  • In addition, there’s a configuration option to detect simple NPCs so that no circe is drawn around them. You can also configure if you want to have a circle drawn around all players or only the closest one.

Please note that the hit range visualization might not always be accurate because of ping / latency and other factors.

How does it look like:


Note: This modification works on every server. Other players don’t need to have this modification installed!


You can configure this modification when you are currently running Minecraft Forge:

Main Menu -> Hit Range Mod -> Config or Game Menu -> Mod Options -> Hit Range Mod -> Config


Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:




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