Chef Craftory Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Chef craftory is a great mod that works with the farm craftory mod, it adds more ways of cooking into the game and makes it more like popular RPG cames which have the cooking element. Farm craftory adds a lot more tools crops and farming to the game which there fore adds more food, now with chef craftory you can do things with the food!

Chef Craftory Mod

The chef craftory mod adds a points and level system to the game so the more you cook the more you level and better things you can cook. The levels are currently capped at 50 but this may change as the mod develops. Two new blocks have been added to the game to give you the ability to cook the items, these are the kitchen over and the kitchen counter.

How to Craft Cooking Tools ?

How to Install Chef Craftory Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download Chef Craftory mod (you need FarmCraftory Mod for this one guys!)
  2. Download Minecraft Forge
  3. Download ModLoader
  4. Type %appdata%
  5. Open .minecraft/ bin
  6. Open Minecraft.jar and delete META INF
  7. Drag In the mod loader files
  8. Drag in the forge files, run Minecraft to test
  9. Re open Minecraft.jar
  10. Drag in the mod files and you are done!
  11. Enjoy



  1. I have not used the mod yet but it looks like fun

  2. Please make it 1.7.2



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