Dimension API for Minecraft 1.2.5

Pudelhund’s Dimension API is basically another thing for modders to modify there game in which this enables you to create a dimension system. Pudelhund’s Dimension also adds in new features and hooks to your creation library which is your brains. Here are the list of hooks modders can adopt by using this Pudelhund’s Dimension API.

Pudelhund’s Dimension API for Minecraft 1.2.5 Main Features

  • Custom portal blocks and items for your dimension; you may create as many as you wish until you run into block ID limits. you can use other methods also (like entity interationing) to trigger transportation.
  • You may define your portal in lots of ways like, a custom teleporter, a custom leaving message/entering, a custom achievement to be played upon entering the dimension, you can set the delay of players being teleported, you can choose not to display the nether portal animation, you can set which dimension to use or to which dimension it returns the player into, you can set the speed of the teleportation, and of course you can customize the textures as you want.
  • The Pudelhund’s Dimension API also adds a various plays related to the sky region, biomes, and other features, which you may use in your WorldProvider file.
  • The world provider is another way for you to create your own dimension and in fact… to customize it professionally.

How to Install Pudelhund’s Dimension API for Minecraft 1.2.5


  1. You will have to delete META-INF first
  2. Then download Modloader 
  3. Then download ModloaderMP if you play on playing it on server
  4. Install the client dimension api .zip


  1. DON’T delete META-INF
  2. Then download ModloaderMP 
  3. Install the server dimension api .zip

If you want the “forge” one you will have to install the Forge API instead



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