DungeonPack Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

In this modification- A tonne of new structures are added to Minecraft. There are now hundreds of Dungeons spread out over Minecraftia so you will never get bored of exploring. And on top of that, new inventive buildings have been created. This mod is fully up to date and is available for both client and server, so you can even enjoy this mod with your friends too!

Dungeon Pack Mod

The Main features to DungeonPack Mod Minecraft 1.3.2

  • The sand dunes are no longer long-bearing stretches of baron land, pyramids now scatter the landscape and are available for you to delve into!
  • The Infamous ‘Temple of Death’ is a main attraction of this mod!
  • Mystery rooms are spread out over the world, jump in!
  • Eerily quiet Graveyards linger throughout Minecraftia!
  • Ships and Tree houses are packed with great treasure, but can you find them?
  • Dare you enter the Spiders lair? Or the ‘Spider Box’?
  • Will you be locked away in the Dessert, the Forest or the Nether Prison?
  • Quaint barns litter the skyline!
  • Creepercoloss! Creepers spawn inside, how frightening?!

Dungeon Pack Mod

In addition to all of these great structures, BOSS STRUCTURES ARE AVAILABLE!

  • A floating cavernous maze of rooms includes treasure, but is also infested with mobs galore. Can you fight your way through through the horde?
  • A sky-high NPC desert village is a rarity, keep your eyes on the skies!
  • An NPC town barricaded behind fortress walls and Iron Golems!

Editing the Config (found here)

  • You can change the rarity of commonness of everything!
  • Disable Dungeons
  • Enable Cheatmode!
  • Change the max height of treasure dungeons!

DungeonPack Mod Version 1.3.2 for Minecraft 1.3.2

  • BUGFIX- The barn is so not so ugly looking anymore!
  • BUGFIX- Every treasure room is now connected!
  • General performance of modification overall improved!

How to Install DungeonPack Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. First of all, this mod requires MinecraftForge
  2. Download MForge and put into your Minecraft.jar folder
  3. Delete the META-INF Folder from your Minecraft.jar
  4. Put the Dungeon Pack Folder into your Mods Folder!



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