Falling Meteors Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4


This mod was developed as a little side project of mine. I had seen previous Meteor mods before with some of the features I have here, but they have all been discontinued or missing. After many hours of coding I have completed my goal and come out with an awesome mod. This mod includes many excellent features that make it stand out from the rest of the old Meteor mods. The features of this mod are listed below.


  • Meteors fall to the ground and explode, creating Meteorite Ore and sometimes bringing some extraterrestrial mobs with it. Maybe this explains where creepers came from? Be quick and get to those Meteor blocks because once they are cooled, no meteor chips for you.
  • Meteorite Tools with Magnetic properties. No need to go grab a block when it comes to you!
  • Meteorite Armor also with Magnetic properties. With all the armor on, it protects you from fire!
  • Meteor blocks start cooling once they hit the ground, limiting the number of meteor chips you can earn based on how cool it is. They will also burn you if you touch them while they are hot.
  • A Meteor Shield Block that protects your land from Meteors crashing down upon it. Make a Meteor Shield even more powerful by adding a red Meteor gem to it.
  • Test land to see if it safe with a Meteor Shield Testing torch! (Beware, a torch can only be used once)
  • Small, Medium, and Large Meteors.
  • Slight hint for you to know where a meteor crashes when it falls.
  • Cooled Meteor blocks can also be found while mining. This was added so you could possibly protect your land before a Meteor falls.
  • Properties file for deciding how rare it is for a meteor to crash plus many other properties.
  • Summon meteors with a Meteor Summoner crafted from rare Meteor Gems.

Most Recent Update’s New Features:

  • New unknown meteor type
  • Meteors now fall with a broader and more refined system allowing meteors to fall much farther away.
  • Frezarite pickaxe and shovel added
  • Enchantments added: Magnetization and Cold Touch (automatically-added to tools and armor when crafted)
  • Meteor detectors added – Three types: Proximity, Time, and Crash (more info below)
  • New Configuration Options
  • Semi-anti-grief via meteor summoners system added: Meteor shields now have owners and test torches now show land ownership when right-clicked.




Currently only works with SSP. SMP version coming soon!

Be sure to have the Forge API installed in order for this mod to work.


  • 1.As with any mod, be sure to first delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft jar.
  • 2.Install the Minecraft Forge API
  • 3.Run Minecraft once
  • 4.Put the zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder (Do not unzip)
  • 5.Run Minecraft and have fun!



  • SMP Compatible (finally)
  • Packets are now being used to sync the server with the client
  • Server configuration properties are used when a player with different config properties logs in to the server to prevent issues. Note: Does not sync block/item ids
  • Meteor detectors should work again in all instances
  • Safe chunks are now being removed properly when a meteor shield is broken/destroyed



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