Fossil Archeology Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

Fossil Archeology Mod is something special! It adds a lot of features to the game. Its one of those Mods that completely changes Minecraft. Which doesn’t go down well with a lot of people, but its like playing a Custom Game inside of Minecraft. Well that’s how I think of it. Fossil Archeology Mod adds multiple mobs into the game, and cool mobs at that! Dinosaurs, yes dinosaurs in Minecraft! 

Fossil Archeology Mod adds so much it would be inpossible to cover. So I will just list some of the new features. It adds something in pretty every element of Minecraft. New mobs, new tools, new plants, new food, a lot of new crafting recipes to remember and a lot more!Fossil Archeology Mod

Fossil Archaeology Mod Version 6.9 P4 Changelogs

  • A few fixes

How to Install Fossil Archeology Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Download ModLoader, Forge API and AudioMod
  2. Install ModLoader and AudioMod
  3. Download the Fossil Archeology Mod!
  4. Delete META INF
  5. Drag the files into .minecraft
  6. Enjoy and play!

For the recipes and more check the thread out!


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