[1.4.7/1.4.6] Gravel Fix Mod Download

This is very simple mod(well, barely a mod – just couple of lines of code).

Note: This mod will work even with texture packs. That means if you install both this mod and custom texture pack, gravel will have the old (1.2.5) texture (NOT the one from texture pack or from 1.3.1 vanilla). If you decide to use texture pack and you want TP gravel texture, simply delete this mod’s file




  • To install ModLoader, go to C:/Users/Yourusername/AppData/Roming/.minecraft/bin/ and open minecraft.jar with WinRar or something similar. Then drag files from modloader archive inside and delete META-INF folder.
  • To install Gravel fix, go to C:/Users/Yourusername/AppData/Roming/.minecraft/mods/ and put the whole archive(do not unzip it!) into this folder.
  • If the folder mods is not there, launch Minecraft after installation of Modloader once and it should create the folder.



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