InfiCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

InfiCraft – Wow. That was my first thought when I was playing with this Mod, and after research I have found that this Mod adds 240 new combinations PER TOOL, and each tool has its own unique ability.

InfiCraft Mod

For example the ice hammer allows you to collect blocks of ice legitimately, you can use a smile spade too dig slimes out of the ground. Or set things on fire with the fire pick. Turn creepers into statues with the ice hammer. The list goes on and on with the things you can do with this Mod. InfiCraft also adds multiple crafting tables incase you are bored of the normal crafting table.

If you are bored this is the mod for you! It adds so much and you can play for endless hours!

The Crusher and Grinder
Posted ImagePosted Image

From there, put ore in the crusher.

Posted Image

This is how to get bronze. After this simply smelt it.

Posted Image

Keep experimenting guys!

How to Install Inficraft Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download ModLoader, Minecraft Forge API and ModLoader MP
  2. Download the InfiCraft.
  3. Open .minecraft /bin
  4. Delete the META INF file
  5. Drag all the files from ModLoader into Minecraft.jar
  6. Do the same with Minecraft Forge.
  7. Drag all the files from ModLoader MP into .jar
  8. Open the InfiCraft
  9. Drag all the files from the Mod into Minecraft.jar



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