Lego Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

First of all, this modification is in early stages! I really mean that, if this Mod was a baby it couldn’t even hold its own head up yet! That’s early stages! However, I’ve decided to write about it as it is a great idea for a mod! We all have connections with it and I strongly believe it has the momentum to be amazing! What is it I hear you cry? Well, it’s the ‘Lego Mod’ of course! Brand new and available for Minecraft 1.3.2- this Mod is currently only doing one thing and one thing only, allowing you to craft multicolored blocks that look like LEGO! That is it!

Lego Mod

This mod currently adds to Items, the Multi-colored Lego Blocks and the component you need to craft it! Updates are expected and this mod is being worked on as we speak! So if you are patient you could be one of the first to download an up and coming mod!

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To craft your Lego block, first of all you need to grab your trust spade and go sand digging! Next, grab your shears and go and collect yourself some leaves! Simply place the sand and leaves together in your crafting bench to create ‘Resin’.
Using ‘Resin’ and any colour dye you want creates the matching Lego Block! However, each lego block shows up as a red texture- this is being fixed as we speak!
No changelogs are public, yet!

How to Install Lego Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

– First of all this mod requires MODLOADER, go here to download it!
-Install your MODLOADER in your plain Minecraft.jar
-After doing this, go to download the mod type that you want!
-Delete that pesky META-INF file, then install the Mod into your Minecraft.jar and drag all of the files into the Mods folder of it.



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