Limbo Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

What is Limbo?
‘Limbo’ is a realm that exists after death and according to several religions exists between Heaven and Hell. If you were thought to be in ‘Limbo’- your soul was considered to pure for hell, but to sincere for heaven. The author of this mod has taken this into consideration and although this modification is currently under heavy development (bug fixes) updates are expected shortly!

This mod adds a whole new realm to the game; it creates a whole new dynamic. Not only does it add a new dimension, but it also creates specific items that (much like the Aether mod) are only available to that dimension

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Limbo Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2 Main Features

  • A New Dimension/Realm is added into the game!
  • A whole new set of blocks that are realm-specific are added!
  • The new blocks are totally craftable, new weapons are available!
  • What are weapons with out protection? More armour types are added!
  • A new mob is added; install the mod for a big surprise!
  • New recipes are included!

How to guide!

  • To get to Limbo, you must find the right amount of the mystical stone (which is found in the default world) and you must create a build in the shape of a nether portal.
  • Once in the Limbo Realm, you must search out the forgotten ore- you can use this block to create new weapons.
  • The cursed and deadly creatures must be avoided at all cost!

Positives and Negatives!

Positives are obvious, a whole new realm is added so clearly that is a good thing. Difficulty is increased and although the Limbo world is very challenging the peace and tranquillity of the default world remains! The new weapons and armour and refreshing and the installation and access into Limbo is straight forward.
The only negatives that are blatant are the bugs that are currently surrounding the mod; however the developers are working on fixing them.Limbo Mod

How to Install the Limbo Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Install Modloader and MinecraftForge
  2. Assuming you did that right, run Minecraft
  3. If you get a black screen, return to step one. If not check there is a mods folder.
  4. Get the zip file that you downloaded earlier drag on drop into the ‘mods’ folder
  5. Run Minecraft, you should be running The Limbo Mod!



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