Magic Chest Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

Magic Chest Mod allows you to instantly add items into a chest without having to open it, the Magic Chest can also filter the items that are absorbed inside, it is perfect for quickly sorting out items and saving time. You can continue your mining without having to waste time separating ores into different chests. To use the Magic Chest Mod, you have to craft a smart lock using redstone and place it on any chest. For the filtering to work, place your desired item into the bottom row.

Magic Chest Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2 Main Features

The Magic Chest has different filtering systems, these are: Chest filtering, per-row filtering and Furnace filtering. You can also sort your items alphabetically by ID number or by block type, it is up to you, you can choose your favorite method in the GUI. Magic Chest Mod also includes DVD software it allows you to access and sort  chests without having to be near them, you have to put them inside your chest and they add an interface for you to use them.These are separated into a few groups:

  • Normal DVD, useless by itself but is a core storing device
  • Furnace software, has a capability to control furnaces in a range
  • Quantum Software, gives access to a network of chests which all share the same content (Unavailable in the Nether)
  • Music Software, works like a noteblock but allows you to create different music pieces using a single chest.
  • Repair Software, has an ability to slowly repair tools ,armor and weapons placed inside the chest (Upgraded version allows you to repair tools and armor instantly.
  • Farming Software, allows you to automatically plant crops, place this software in your chest and place your chest on a dirt level
  • Crafting Software,  crafts the same thing placed in the chest (if there is enough material for crafting)
  • Mining Software, mines all blocks above it, (the same speed as the player)
  • Healer software,  Heals you when you walk past it (make sure to put food in it first)
  • Cloaking software, allows you to texture your chest (just like a chameleon)
  • DropX software, allows to drop all items on a redstone current!
  • Scanner software, scans the player inventory and puts the desired blocks into the chest
  • Destroyer software, an intelligent bin, destroys all blocks placed in the chest
  • Vortex software, sucks in blocks in a large radius
  • Immunity software, makes the chest immune to any type of explosion

Magic Chest Pros and Cons

Magic Chest mod is still in alpha development and has many bugs due to this, so it is not advisable to use it on your server, appart from this, it is a great mod for you to enjoy, it certainly is very helpful!

Magic Chest Mod 0.9.1 for Minecraft 1.4.2 Changelog

  • Patched the bugs with the furnace
  • Included recipes
  • Vortex v2 is now patched

How to Install Magic Chest Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

  1. install the up-to-date version of Forge
  2. make a folder named “mods” in the .directory
  3. lace the “Magic Chest” .zip into the mods folder
  4. Enjoy!



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