MoreSlabs Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Hey there Minecrafter! As you all know there aren’t as many mods out there that adds to the “decorative” part of Minecraft. Well, in terms of blocks and all. Most mods contribute to the gameplay and mechanics. This mod by WiduX is called the MoreSlabs mod for Minecraft 1.2.5. What it does is obviously add “more slabs” to the mod…duh. It actually adds a whole lot more slabs that you wished had existed in Minecraft. The current amount of slabs added is at 103. Also, a whole new type is added which means now you can put a slab that occupies the bottom part of the block and one at the top part of the block. Now your creativity can be put to work with MoreSlabs.

If you have watched the video, you’ll probably notice that all the wools now have their slab form added :) And as a notice, almost all of them are crafted just like how the default slabs are crafted which is three blocks in a row on the crafting bench. Except for these:

MoreSlabs mod

Well guys, that is all. Hope that these decorative blocks will help contribute to your buildings. Have a quick look and see what you might use these slabs for!

How to install MoreSlabs Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download and install ModLoader and Forge (then run minecraft once to see if it works)
  2. Download the MoreSlabs Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 (link below)
  3. Run %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  4. Place the mod (.zip file) there without unzipping
  5. Run Minecraft and enjoy!



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