[1.4.7/1.4.6] Pandora’s Box Mod Download

This mod adds a new Item, the Pandora’s box. It is now craftable, and spawns in dungeons, or you can just cheat it in if you want some… interesting times.

For the full effect impact, don’t set your difficulty to peaceful! Otherwise, half the effects will be deactivated, for safety…

You can either find it in dungeons, or craft it like this:

The ‘/pandora’ command

Use /pandora to invoke any effect you like. Many effects also support having arguments, so try experimenting with numbers here.

You can also use it inside command blocks. For <player>, you can then use “@p” to invoke it on the nearest player, for example.

For a list of the effects, type “/pandora <player> “, and then press tab (auto completion).


/pandora <player>
//Activates a random effect on the player. If none is given, it will target you.

/pandora endOnEarth 50
//Will transform the land around you into nether land, in a 50 block radius

/pandora <player> mobs 20
//Will spawn 20 random mobs around you.

/pandora worldCannon 2 8 50
//Will make a 3D line in the direction you are looking, with the block ID 2, the width of 8 and the length of 50.


  • This is not a ‘mods folder’-mod. It needs to be installed directly into your minecraft jar.

Requirements: Minecraft Forge


Download links for other versions:










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  1. i like it it fun



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