Robintons 4096ID’s Mod for 1.2.5

Are you a hardcore minecraft modder that likes to keep their client packed with some of the best mods out there? I’m some of you are, I’m also sure a lot of you are all having the same problem… Block ID conflicts.For those who are unsure of what I mean; all of minecraft’s blocks have an ID assigned to it. Their are only a limited amount of ID’s available in the game and when installing a lot of mods at once you often use up all of the block ID’s very, very quickly. Your game will crash as soon as you try and take up more then that and that is why Robinton has made us this awesome little fix. Minecraft normally has 256 available block ID’s but, when you install Robintons 4096ID’s that number will increase to a whoping… well, 4096 block ID’s! That’s an insane amount of ID’s and definitely more than enough for you to install all the mods you could ever want!

While 4096 may seem a little bit of an overkill, minecraft having 256 ID’s is a little bit stupid and something that Mojang should probably think about. 4096 is indeed a heck of a lot of ID’s but it’s not a stupid amount, some mods take up a huge amount of these ID’s and it’s a real good number to work with. Big enough to never, ever run out of ID’s and small enough to not completely blow up your computer.

I have to say, this 4096ID’s mod is certainly a brilliant idea and something we’ve all been needing. I’ll certainly be using myself and I don’t see why anyone else wouldn’t when using a lot of mods. Especially with addition of Forge which gives you infinite sprites, this mod is definitely a good one!

How to Install Robintons 4096ID’s Mod for 1.2.5

  1. Install Modloader.
  2. Install the Forge API.
  3. Download Robintons 4096ID’s mod.
  4. Place the .Zip inside your mod folder.
  5. Run minecraft and enjoy!



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