Ships and Boats Mod For Minecraft 1.2.5

Have you ever thought of becoming a captain of a ship? Well, if yes, this is definitely your mod. The Ships and Boats mod will enable you to create your own ships and control them as you like! You might already have seen ordinary ships in your Minecraft world, but they are too mainstream. It’s time for you to build your own ship in your own favorite style!


How to create your own ship:

  1. Build a shipyard.
  2. Build your ship in the shipyard.
  3. Craft a champagne bottle and smash it into any blocks of the ship to get your ship ready for navigation.

Make sure the ship doesn’t touch the walls of the shipyard and also that the shipyard is as long as the ship that you are going to make.

<<<Seat recipe

Don’t forget the Seat Block to drive your ship! It will determine the face of the ship as well.

<<<Champagne Bottle recipe

This mod will also enable you to create two new different kinds of ships. They are the Airships and the Submarines!

You will need this water pump for the submarine. It will allow you to submerge and resurface.

You will need this aether pump for the airship. Just like the water pump, it will allow your ship to move up and down in the air.

Both the water pump and the aether pump need redstone to be powered up.

More surprises? You will be able to add cannons to you ships!!!

Simply build the cannon and place the cannonballs in it like shown above. You will be loaded with some hot actions!!!

Controls of the ship:

  • F: Turn engine on/off.
  • W, S: Increase/decrease ship speed.
  • A, D: Turn ship left or right.
  • R: Get out of the seat.
  • Shift: Submerge(Submarine) or move down(Airship).
  • Space: Resurface(Submarine) or move up(Airship).


There are also two new boats: Dinghy and Skiff.

Dinghy Recipe:

Skiff Recipe:

Let the sailing begin!!! BON VOYAGE!!!

How to install Ships and Boats Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download the file from below.
  2. Install the ModLoader and Minecraft Forge.
  3. Open the mod zip file using 7-zip or winrar.
  4. Copy all the contents of the zip file into minecraft.jar.
  5. Delete META-INF folder of minecraft.jar.
  6. Enjoy!

*If you have other mods installed, make sure this mod is installed last.




  1. Is it SMP compatible?

    • idk


  3. At what Point will you make this mod able to be just droped into the Mod folder so we can run this on our servers ?



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