Simple Physics Mod For Minecraft 1.3.1

Minecraft is becoming so realistic everytime with installations of new mods and texture packs. The game that has started off with simple, boring graphic has now turned so real putting the players of the game into fascination. Things that are in the real world are also there in the Minecraft world. You can also do everything in the Minecraft world that you can do in the real world as well. The game has really improved. But there is something that’s never been added. Perhaps, this is the thing that has kept the game from becoming completely realistic and perfect. It’s the law of physics. Floating islands do look cool, but they don’t make sense if we look at them in the perspective of law of physics. Well, to improve Minecraft on this part, here’s the Simple Physics Mod for you all! This mod will add real physics to your Minecraft world. With this mod installed, any block in the game that is stressed will fall like how they do in the real world. In simple words, the Simple Physics Mod will add weight and strength value to your Minecraft world. This will make building more challenging and digging down the cave more interesting. Most importantly, it will make Minecraft further more realistic.

Install the mod and improve your Minecraft world to be more realistic than ever!

Simple Physics Mod Version 1.8 For Minecraft 1.3.1 Changelogs

  • Compatibility with Minecraft 1.3.1
  • “Removed blocks as I don’t want to update them any more.” is what the developer said…

How to install Simple Physics Mod For Minecraft 1.3.1

  1. Download the file.
  2. Install ModLoader.
  3. Extract the downloaded file.
  4. Move the contents in the “.minecraft folder” into your .minecraft folder.
  5. Move the contents in the “Jar” folder into your minecraft.jar folder.
  6. Move the contents in the “Mod folder” into your mod folder.
  7. Delete META-INF.
  8. Enjoy!



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