Simply Hax Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

The first feature of the Simply Hax Mod is the ability to keep your inventory on death, which can be useful if you are an explorer and don’t want to track your footsteps after death. It can also be useful when in caves as I often fall into lava and obviously you loose everything upon death. Another feature in the Simply Hax Mod  is the ability to fly. This fly is simple to use and similar to the one in creative mode. The final “hack” addition to this mod is the ability to see through close walls which will give you the ability to easily find new cave systems.

Simply Hax Mod

This mod is great it adds a few simple “hacks” to the game. The hacks don’t massivly affect the game apart from the ability to fly. But the features are simple and effective. The ability to see threw walls is just going to help you explore, and stop you digging in a number of places to find dungeons!

How to Install Simply Hax Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

  1. Download the MCPatcher 
  2. Download the Simply Hax Mod
  3. Locate the .minecraft folder
  4. Open Minecraft.jar
  5. Delete META INF
  6. Extract the files from the Simply Hax and MCPatcher into the .minecraft directory.
  7. Enjoy the simple features.



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