Steve’s Carts 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2/1.4.4

Steve’s Carts 2 introduces a modular system where you can build a huge amount of carts(hundred of thousands) by combining the parts you want. Steve’s Carts 2 is just in alpha but seems to be quite stable, but if you want to use a non alpha mod you can use Steve’s Carts 1, down below. This page will be expanded in the near future. And yes, it’s now for multiplayer.

To get started building carts you should build a cart assembler. Then you’ll need a hull of your choice as well as all the modules you wanna add. Then you can just do so in the assembler. You also need coal in the left hand slot of the two slots on the right. The cart will be placed in the right hand one when it’s done.


Installation using MultiMC

This is a very simple way to install the mod, you will however need MultiMC installed. Once you have that installed you can either follow the tutorial below or just watch the video.

  1. Create a new instance
  2. Select it, click play and enter your user information.
  3. After it has downloaded minecraft, close minecraft.
  4. Click edit mods, click MCForge and select the latest version.
  5. Go to the Mods Folder tab, add the zip file of SC2
  6. Close the mods window and hit rebuild jar.
  7. Click play to start the game.

Manual Installation

To install in manually you will need a compression software like 7zip or winrar. Once you have that installed you can just follow the tutorial below.

    1. Open your .minecraft folder. It will be located somewhere along these lines “
    2. C:\Users\Vswe\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft” but will vary. A good way to find it would be to go to “%appdata%” which will take you most of the way, then click the rest of the way.
    3. Open the bin folder and open the mincraft.jar file with the compression software of your choice.
    4. Get Minecraft Forge and open it with your compression software. Move all the files from the Minecraft Forge zip into your minecraft.jar file.
    5. Remove the META-INF folder from your minecraft.jar.
    6. Go back to your .minecraft folder.
    7. If you don’t have one already, create a “mods” folder.
    8. Get the SC2 zip file and put it in the mods folder.
    9. Start minecraft and hope it works.


Alpha 24

  • Updated the minecraft version 1.4.4

Alpha 20

  • Fixed a syncing issue on world load.

For Minecraft 1.4.4

For Minecraft 1.4.2


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