The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

This mod adds 4 new mobs, 10 new weapons, and soon, food.



  • 1. Download Minecraft Forge
  • 2. Download and install the latest version of WinRaR, or 7-Zip
  • 3. Download my mod above where it says “Download TES V: Skyrim Minecraft Mod!”.
  • 4. Open my .zip file up with either 7-Zip or WinRaR, it does not matter.
  • 5. Click the start button and type in the search bar “Run” without quotation marks and press enter.
  • 6. Now type inside the box that comes up, %appdata% and press enter. You should come up on the Roaming directory. If not, and you see LocalLow, Local, and Roaming, double click Roaming.
  • 7. Now double click your .minecraft folder. You should now see folders labeled as: bin, crash-reports, resources, saves, screenshots, stats, and texturepacks. Double click on bin.
  • 8. Right click on the minecraft.jar within your bin folder and Open With WinRaR or 7-Zip.
  • 9. Open the .zip file of Forge with 7-Zip or WinRaR.
  • 10. Drag all the contents in the Forge zip file into the minecraft.jar [DELETE META-INF THAT COMES WITH FORGE TOO]
  • 11. You should still have my .zip file open for my mod. Drag all the contents of my .zip into the minecraft.jar
  • 12. When you have done that, delete META-INF and run Minecraft! Enjoy!


  • 1. Follow instructions above for SSP.
  • 2. Make a new world or use an existing world.
  • 3. Open up to LAN.
  • 4. Anyone in your internet connection can join the LAN server, as long as they have the mod installed too.



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