The Source Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

It’s the little things in life… Or MINECRAFT that make the biggest differences don’t you find? That’s why this simple yet extremely effective MOD from ‘2miner’ works wonders! One of the many flaws of Minecraft is the source block. This mod helps to aid in our struggle and saves a lot of time and stress in doing it!

The Source Mod

What does this Mod Do?
This mod is superb; it allows you to edit the amount of required source blocks to create an infinite source pool, and also the ability to improve lava decay! Told you it was simple, right? You can now theoretically make an infinite lava pool… Now that is AWESOME!

How do you effectively use this Mod?
Once installed, follow these steps: You must place a source block in the correct orientation that allows the specific amount of sources required to flow into one block. For a much clearer and simple instructive video: CLICK HERE!

Positives and Negatives!

This modification allows for simple and effective use. Once installed the mod is a dream and has little no problems. However, the installation may seem a little tricky. There is an online video tutorial, which explains thoroughly: Source V3 Tutorial

How to Install The Source Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

First of all, ModLoader is needed.
Now let’s get on with the real gritty stuff:

  1. Download The Source Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2
  2. Click start->search run->type %APPDATA% in run->open.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar with Winrar
  3. Drag all of the files into the Minecraft.jar
  4. Install ModLoader
  5. Edit the CONFIG
  6. Play!

To Conclude!
After the gruelling process of Installation, you will find yourself with a brand-spanking new mod that works like a charm everytime! This mod is so simple yet effective, it saves alot of time and on a personal level I assure you it is worth it. It really is the little things that count!




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