The Wars Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

“Thy World of Minecraftia has been gearing for war for thousands of years. Only Now doth the war begin to rage…”

This mod is fantastic! There has always been a huge following of medieval fans! People who prefer a good bow and arrow to a machine gun! Someone who would prefer a longsword in comparison to a ‘lightsaber’. Well, come hither all ye people! This mod delivers just what you are searching for, it transforms the world of Minecraft into a intense medieval landscape! The main features of this mod are the impressive structural choices and class availability! I’m excited to play with this mod, I hope you are too!
(No changelogs are public for this mod)

The Wars Mod

Main Exciting Features and Aspects!

  • PVP Arena’s are now everywhere! You can no longer hide!
  • Spleef Arena’s are a little different, instead of testing your skill- it’s more something to do with friends for a little fun! HUNGER GAMES!
  • Large intimidating castles dominate the skies and horizon now! Nowhere is safe!
  • Castles are the main attraction of this mod personally, the really are the keystone in this mod and helps to achieve that overall Medieval feel to it!
  • The ‘classes’ that are available in this mod are also a main attraction! You can pick either of the: Archer, Guard, Knight, Tech, Scout or the Healer. This feature will help for replay ability of the mod! As each class a different trait, strength and weakness!
The recipe can be found in the screenshot above.

How to Install The Wars Mod 2.3.1 for Minecraft 1.3.2

  • Back up your Saves and download the Minecraft Forge!
  • Downloads this mods client files!
  • Open up your Minecraft.jar and install MForges files!
  • As always, delete that darn META-INF file!
  • Place the downloaded client files .zip folder in the ‘mods’ folder of your Minecraft!



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