Zombie Awareness Mod for Minecraft 1.4.2

Enables unlimited range pathfinding on entities. Adds Enhanced sight, smell and sound senses to entities, you bleed, they find you, you makes lots of noises, they find you


Note: Both the client and server are 100% optional, server can run without clients having the mod (totally server side only mod), but if the client has the mod, you get to see the blood effects in smp to know if a trace was made.


  • 1. Install ModLoader, you don’t actually need ModloaderMP for the client
  • 2. Extract the zip, and do what the folder says, or put the zip in the mods folder in .minecraft/mods


  • 1. Install ModLoaderMP
  • 2. Extract the zip, and do what the folder says



  • Chance for hostiles to gather around other zombies (1/40)
  • Chance for hostiles to hear piston noises (1/40)
  • Wandering hordes is default on for those with no config yet

Credits: Corosus



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