[1.5.2/1.5.1] [16x] Clean Design Texture Pack Download

Pretty self explanatory, Clean Design is a well done texture pack by Shortstuf7 that makes every texture look very clean. The textures are simple yet very effective! Makes the world look a lot flatter (if that’s possible in minecraft!) and quite a bit more jolly. It has a very happy feel to it which I love. Not to mention, all of the mobs look extremely cute! I think this pack is good for the OCD builder type. Houses look very nice with this pack and… well, cleaner! Shortstuf7 definitely does a brilliant job on making minecraft a much more jolly and cleaner place!

CleanDesign Texture Pack

My favourite textures in this pack would have to be; 1: The glowstone lamps! You can see them in the image above… they look awesome, I love them! 2: The glass! I love how the border of glass looks like wood, very effective in my opinion. The only texture I’m not a huge fan of is the cobblestone, looks a bit to flat in my opinion but other then that the pack is amazing!

How to install Clean Design Texture Pack 3.0

  1. Download Clean Design Texture Pack
  2. Drag the .Zip into your texture packs folder.
  3. Enjoy the pack!


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