[1.5.2/1.5.1] [64x] T42′s HD Texture Pack Download



Recent Updates

  • Connected textures mod support
  • Updated look of flowing lava
  • Changes to biome colors
  • Added ctm random textures for cobblestone and dirt

How to install T42′s HD Texture Pack for Minecraft

  • 1. Download and run the HD Texture Fix . (make sure you are patched to the latest version of the HD Texture Fix.)
  • 2. Download the T42 texture pack
  • 3. Place the downloaded T42 Texture Pack zip file (The zip file itself, not the contents of the zip) in your Texture Packs folder under the .minecraft folder.
  • 4. Run Minecraft and go to Mods & Texture Packs in the main menu and Select the T42 Texture Pack from the list.
  • 5. Play Minecraft!
  • Note: If for some reason this doesn’t work or crashes your game you can reset back to default by opening options.txt file under the .minecraft folder and changing the line “skin:t42_1.#.zip” to “skin:default”. This will make sure Minecraft loaded with the default texture pack.


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