Extreme Photo Realism Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.2

For those of you with a powerful computer, and loads of RAM allocated to your minecraft, I am sure you want a little bit more out of minecraft. You have all those amazing shaders installed, all graphics settings to their max but the highest definition texture pack you can find is 128x. Well… How about 768x? Not enough? What about say, 1024x? That’s right, Stefan-r87 has created a masterpiece. The Extreme Photo realism texture pack is the highest quality and most realistic texture pack I have ever seen. With textures going all the way up to 1024x, it’s hard to resist for people with powerful computers.

As you can see, the textures in this pack are detailed to the utter extreme. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re real pictures of the author’s own backyard! Inspired by the popular Misa’s realistic texture pack, Extreme Photo Realism coul make you wonder whether it’s minecraft or real life. If you have a computer powerful enough to run it, playing with it is a joy. The detail gone into it is just simply amazing. The grass looks like real glass. The stone looks like real stone. The wood looks like real wood. All the textures have real life into it, making playing with it just like a nature walk. I can guarantee that your world will look ten times more stunning with this pack loaded. So again, if you have the power then use the pack. You won’t regret it.


1. Patch with MCPather or Optifine.

2. Download the correct version of texture pack for you. 128x, 256x.

3. If you want a higher definition download the correct terrain.png and replace it with the existing one. 512x, 768x, 1024x.

4. The terrain.png can be found within your minecraft.jar



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