Swiss Rustic Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.2

So today’s texture pack is a realistic one again! Muhahaha. Control over you guys. :P . First things first, you can join our server that was just newly updated to 1.3.2! ip: visit our fan page in facebook. Now let’s start. Swiss Rustic Texture pack….. Quite a name eh? I think the name came from the developer, because according to the information in the original post, he comes from Switzerland, Swiss? :D Swiss Rustic Texture Pack is just one of the another good-for-the-eye Texture Packs. Some of you may think that, HD pack = Tough for the eyes. Well. some texture packs do makes it look confusing to look at. (which usually results in a vomit of the player XD) Take a look at the picture and name out the features:

Swiss Rustic Texture Pack

See that old man above in the pic? He really looks real in the Texture Pack. Here’s Mainly what Swiss Rustic Texture pack is very awesome at. But before we look into the features, say thanks to developer, Dustyboozer for a good, very good pack!

Swiss Rustic HD Texture Pack Features for Minecraft 1.3.2

  • semi-realistic, which makes it in the middle of simple + realistic!
  •  Very good for some RPGing :D
  •  Taken at medieval age, everyone love medieval right?
  • soft and not confusing for the eyes. —-> one of the most awesome features a cool texture pack would have)
  • And the most thing people need….. Constant update!
Swiss Rustic Texture Pack

How to Download Swiss Rustic HD Texture Pack 0.998 for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Download and Extract MCPatcherHD anywhere in your computer.
  2. Then run mcpatcherhd, and select your choice of resolution
  3. Click patch!
  4. Run Minecraft.
  5. Click “Mods and Texture Packs”, under the multiplayer sign.
  6. Click on “Open Texture Packs folder”.
  7. A folder pops up.
  8. Then download Swiss Rustic HD pack, there is a link under this content.
  9. Drag it into the folder that just popped up.
  10. Enjoy!



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