Gameplay: The first thing you need to do is save yourself by sleeping in the bedroom. Get some weapons and press start. Defeat the monsters. When the lights go out, you need to start the generator in the shed, simply spam the button and it ...[Read More]

Ever since the release of skyblock, those types of survival maps have been immensely popular. Minecrafters all over reddit and youtube have been testing themselves to the limit. Another popular brand of map style is pvp based. However, I’m ...[Read More]

Have you ever played Call of Duty Zombies?  I imagine most of you have at least heard of it.  Ruins of the Dead takes that idea in incorporates it into Vanilla Minecraft and does it extremely well.  You are the last hope against the barrage...[Read More]

There is a class system, you can choose between the Jedi and Trooper. Please make sure to setup the server proprieties as advertised to prevent bugs or unbalances. Quests 1- Save the hostages. 2- Repair the generator and start both canons. ...[Read More]

Metropolis v3.0 designed by Jacob Sawyer aka ‘poncharelli’ is a fully functional city with office buildings, entertainment and recreation, housing (row houses, condos, mansions), civil buildings like a jail, school, library, church, a perfo...[Read More]

Welcome to the 4 Pillar Survival Map, you are about to embark on a long and lonely journey of tense life and death situations when you traverse the endless void, carefully creating intertwining, rickety bridges in order to reap the benefits...[Read More]

Zombie Arena is a survival/adventure map where the objective is to survive 10 waves of mobs (mostly zombies). There is a shop system which uses your XP level as currency. Gain experience from killing mobs or from surviving a wave. This map ...[Read More]

SkyBlock Survival map is one of the most challenging map of all since you start with only five items in the cheast and you will have to do alot of things in order to expand your land… well first of all its not yet a land at first its basica...[Read More]

Hurray! The contest winner of the Screenshot contest have been announced! Congrats to must smile and thank you everyone for participating. Have a fun time playing Minecraft! For others who lost, don’t lose hope, try out our next contest com...[Read More]

The Eldaria Island map for minecraft 1.4.4 is a magnificent piece of work. It’s inspiring and brings great joy to me just hearing its name spoken aloud. This amazing map has been skilfully created by using both; VoxelSniper and a ton of ima...[Read More]

Everything happens on land. All the actions take place on land. You are always on land. You hunt, build, gather, and play, but only on land. Maybe, it’s time for some changes. It’s time to enter a whole different world to experience totally...[Read More]

What you might be thinking here is “another floating island survival map?”, but I assure you this is not just another version of Skyblock.  There are some obvious similarities, mind you.  Floating islands, survival, limited resources and mo...[Read More]

Quakecraft is a small pvp map we did just to have some fun, and we sure did This map requires no mods at all, just download and play with your friends! The goal is to capture 8 points in the map, indicated by beacon lights. Features: Low Gr...[Read More]

This is now an updated collection of buildings roughly themed around the medieval era. Some structures from the original pack have only had slight alterations made, whiles other have been re-built from scratch. The new buildings feature a l...[Read More]

This is a project we are building on a server: a large, monumental city that is built in all styles from the 19th century and early 20th century (neo-classical, beaux-arts style, modern style…). We play in creative mode. All buildings are o...[Read More]

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