Overloaded Mod is designed to be an endgame mod that has very expensive and powerful blocks and items but are server performance friendly. Features: Creative Generator Creative Only Generator that produces INTEGER.MAX_VALUE (2^31-1 | 2,147,...[Read More]

YUNoMakeGoodMap Mod is a mod which is responsible for Skyblock generation, making you spawn on a single bedrock block. To enable regular world generation, this mod must be disabled. Ever played a SkyBlock map, and had some cheeky person com...[Read More]

Big Doors Mod adds larger 3×3 wooden double doors for Minecraft. At 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks tall, you can finally have a dramatic entrance on that wall with the odd block-length. Doors come in all six of the vanilla plank styles, based o...[Read More]

Storage Drawers Extras Mod is a unified addon pack for Storage Drawers adding more wood styles from common third party mods. It adds a new set of wooden drawer styles and recipes using the plank blocks available in other mods. Current suppo...[Read More]

Ore Core Mod combines a lots of other mods to a compact and powerful core. Features: Nether ores. End ores. Compressed ores. Fossils. Experience ores. Expandet ore drop option (resource + dust when mined). Gravel “ores” that drop nuggets. A...[Read More]

Stupid Things Mod adds a bunch of random, stupid items. Features: Item Catalog: The Item Catalog is an item that shows all current items in Stupid Things. It can be crafted by combining a book and a block of dirt. Tooltips: All information ...[Read More]

Energy Converters Mod provides a few blocks which can convert energy from and to EU or RF. This mod is based on Power Converters Mod. You probably know the feeling when you start your base, completly decked out in RF based machines like sag...[Read More]

Item Blacklist Mod blocks the use of items and blocks in the specified dimensions. Op’s are still able to use them! Easy to use and edit. Everything can be done via ingame commands. You need to install this on the client and the server. Fea...[Read More]

More Vanilla Armors Mod adds many new types of armor to minecraft. It currently has grass, stone, leaf, dirt, wood, cobble, plank, bedrock, glass, sandstone, wool, bricks, obsidian, netherrack, quartz, netherbrick, endstone, stone brick, so...[Read More]

Angel of Vengeance Mod is a healing based magic Minecraft mod. The goal is to be a magic mod Healer’s purpose is to well.. heal. The Caster is the offensive spell casting mage which uses light based spells to destroy undead. The Defender is...[Read More]

Master Builders Mod adds very many new blocks in the Minecraft world. Features: Slopes Slope spires Inner corners New Blocks New Decorations Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Master Builders Mod: Make sure you have already installed ...[Read More]

Amazing Pickaxe Mod adds a special Pickaxe when you right click on a block it’s destroys and supplies a drop. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Amazing Pickaxe Mod: Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge. Locate the min...[Read More]

Galacticraft Mod lets you travel to new planets with your own spaceship. Features: Travel throughout the solar system! Create and customize your very own spaceship (customization coming soon)! Explore new planets and moons! SMP Support – Ex...[Read More]

Bird’s Foods Mod adds 77 new items, all of which are edible and all of which are craftable through vanilla means. Features: A variety of foods, including: Soups, Stews, and Pies Sandwiches, Burgers, and Tacos Curries, Noodles, and Pastas Ju...[Read More]

Fidget Spinner Mod adds Fidget Spinner to Minecraft. Fidget Spinner is most popular with elementary and middle school-aged children. With this mod you can create Fidget Spinner of several colors. There are over 16 spinners with different co...[Read More]

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