Too Many Chickens Mod adds more than 49 unique chickens to your game, and these chickens will lay specific resources for you! Features: Ore and other material laying chickens. Liquid and experience chickens to improve your game. 100% surviv...[Read More]

Fragile Glass and Thin Ice Mod provides you with fragile versions of glass blocks and panes which are made of sugar and smash gratuitously if something hits them fast enough. Additionally, it is great for adventure maps, videos, pranks, and...[Read More]

Zombie Steaks Mod adds a simple new way to do something useful with your rotten flesh. You can freshen them up a little, and then cook them into delicious zombie steaks. It is not exactly delicious, but at least they cannot poison you. See ...[Read More]

Trapcraft Mod adds a variety of tools for creating traps so that you can defend yourself without necessarily going into battle. You can make devious traps to get them annoying and attack mobs.  It adds an array of items that do things like,...[Read More]

Simple Dimensions Mod allows you to create custom dimensions using the vanilla create world GUI. Therefore you can use the vast customization options available there for new dimensions. You can for example use it to create Mining Worlds or ...[Read More]

Are you tired of only getting apples from your trees? Do you want a greater variety of fruits to include in your diet? Then Simple Tree Drops Mod is the mod for you. This mod adds a new fruit item for each type of leaves that doesn’t drop a...[Read More]

Water Power Mod adds many watermills an turbines (support EU, RF, Steam, Charge and Water), reservoirs, trousers, machines, materials. Introduction: Water mills can generate RF, EU, Steam & Water, need a rotor, should be immersed in wat...[Read More]

Pumpkins N’ Mo Mod goal is to make a fun experience by bringing back old blocks and additions that never were considered to be added to Minecraft… Such as: Glowing Obsidian (ported from MCPE), and Pumpkin Armor and a “Special” Sword! Additi...[Read More]

Have you ever thought that long-range wireless communication in OpenComputers is either too expensive or too overpowered? Well here you got your solution! OpenRadio Mod is an add-on for OpenComputers allows you to have line-of-sight, laser-...[Read More]

Potion Bears Mod adds 16 Bears that each give a different Potion effect. The bears can be crafted as shown in the image below: Once the bear is crafted it can be placed down. In order for it to do something you must first right click it wit...[Read More]

See also: Helpful Villagers Mod Features: Craft the wand using a emerald block and diamonds, blaze rods. Use the wand to villager, it will dropping a VILLAGER BLOCK. (Consume a time of the wand.) Villager block can connect with BC pipes etc...[Read More]

Welcome to the Jungle Mod adds a variety of creatures, blocks and structures, as well as a few biomes and a dimension. All with the goal of enhancing the games jungle experience. There’s even a set of story orientated achievements. In order...[Read More]

Base Metals Mod adds historically common metals to Minecraft, specifically silver, copper, tin, lead, zinc, mercury, and nickel, as well as the fantasy metals cold-iron, mithril, adamantine, and star-steel. For most of these metals, you can...[Read More]

SecurityCraft Mod adds exactly what the name suggests: Lasers, retinal scanners, keypads, unbreakable doors and more. Pairs well with mods such as Smart Moving, Secret Rooms, and the Wall Jump mod. You now have the option to set up password...[Read More]

Vegan Option Mod is a mod that seeks to add vegan alternatives to all Minecraft mob/animal products using the following guidelines: Nothing added to worldgen No new crops added What’s Included: Alternatives by Item: Bone <=> Fossils B...[Read More]

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