Ender IO Addons Mod is a mod that adds a couple of machines to Ender IO. Features: The Cobblestone Framework is a machine that generates Cobblestone by using its internal Lava and Water store. It has 3 upgrade slots that allow it to process...[Read More]

Features: Selecting your gender (with JBRA you will see the female model too!) Marriage a player Divorce from your partner Adopting a player Usage: The key is configurable The Interact key (default: will show you every info you need to know...[Read More]

Features: This mod is about that the time passes and every player is getting older. There is a built in calendar with new year layout and original names. One year in Minecraft is now 46 days. And a year has 4 months with 13 to 9 days. A wee...[Read More]

TattleTail Mod is a mod based on the scary game Tattletail. This mod adds tattletails to Minecraft including the scary Mama Tattletail. Features: Items: Purple TattleTail Yellow TattleTail Blue TattleTail Snowglobe TattleTail Nightnight Tat...[Read More]

Wild Mobs Mod adds new mobs to the game that fit the style of Vanilla Minecraft. Most of the mobs are animals from real life, but some are made up or based on folklore. The name “Wild Mobs Mod” doesn’t mean that all mobs in this mod are wil...[Read More]

Iguanas Tinker Tweaks Mod adds a slower progression through the earlygame, and tool-leveling which awards random bonus modifiers on levelups. However the biggest part of Iguana Tweaks is that it allows to adapt many many properties of the g...[Read More]

BetterLeather Mod adds new weapons, armours, blocks and new mobs. Features: Blocks Jewelled Stone Molten Ore Unobtainium Ore Mossy Gravel Mossy Gravel Bricks Items Iron Binding Iron-bound Leather Gold Binding Gold-bound Leather Jewelled Bin...[Read More]

OpenSecurity Mod adds security oriented components for use with OpenComputers, RFID Cards, MagStrip cards, Alarms and Entity Detectors. Features: OSAlarm: Computer or Redstone controlled though right now there is no way to change the alarm ...[Read More]

Even More Buttons Mod allows you to add extra buttons into Minecraft. You can use the buttons on their own block so they look camouflaged. Features: Dirt Button Redstone Button Diamond Button Gold Button Emerald Button Lapis Button Coal But...[Read More]

MineFantasy 2 Mod is a large medieval based mod with goals to aim on improving many features (particularly crafting). There is a wide range of interactive crafting methods such as Forging, smelting and refining. This mod consists of simpler...[Read More]

Santa’s Decor Mod adds new decorative blocks to Minecraft. It keeps to the Vanilla block types of wooden logs and planks, smooth stone, cobblestone, stone bricks, chiseled stone bricks, quartz, pillar quartz, chiseled quartz, and glass. It ...[Read More]

Railcraft Cosmetic Additions Mod adds cosmetic pieces to Railcraft Mod. Features: Signals Semaphore Semaphore Repeater Banner Repeater Railway Signs Whistle 5MPH (Slow) Limited Clearance Limited Refuge Limit of Shunt Platform Pieces Standar...[Read More]

PackGuard Mod is a fairly small mod that helps modpack creators avoid false bug reports. It monitors the mod list, and looks for modifications. If the pack has been modified by the user, the mod will tell the user to not report any errors. ...[Read More]

The Titans Mod installs  Titans, which are new boss mobs, to the game. You may think these mobs similar to Attack on Titan, but actually they are just fully animated gigantic versions of vanilla mobs. Here’s the list: Omegafish Zombie Titan...[Read More]

Concrete Mod brings Minecraft future: Concrete Powder and Concrete Blocks to previous version. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Concrete Mod: Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge. Locate the minecraft application fol...[Read More]

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