Armour Reborn Mod attempts to add more variances into Minecraft’s armour system by armours made of paper and leather in the early game. Aside from the standard mechanics, this mod also recommends you about levels and modifiers in order to e...[Read More]

This mod adds 5 new armour & tool materials to Minecraft without overpowering the game. To get started in this mod, you take standard lapis lazuli, redstone dust, nether quartz or glowstone dust and smelt them to make ingots. These can ...[Read More]

A really simple mod but highly effective as well, it adds a new type of armour into the game that can be obtained quite easily but you know what redstones like Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge installer Download Redstone A...[Read More]

This Mod adds Cobblestone Armor + dirt armor + Wood Armor. Cobblestone Armor Wood Armor Dirt Armor Installation: 1. Open minecraft.jar in the /bin folder 2. Delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar 3. Install Modloader 4. Add all the files fr...[Read More]

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