This is an adventure map with tricky puzzles, deadly PvE, challenging parkour, and difficult to decide decisions. It also has three endings and a good story. I know that this map is 99.9% possible to complete because me and Criss Crosser ha...[Read More]

Crafting Chamber is a Minecraft puzzle map made for single player with 8 rooms. Can you conquer all rooms? Features: There are 8 challenging rooms you must complete. The main mechanic behind the map is to drop Items to gain new Items, or pr...[Read More]

A really fun small adventure map built for Singleplayer only! Jeoffrey’s Chamber Map Videos: Part 1: Part 2: Map Rules: Only break blocks when you’re told to. Turn sound to 100% and music to 0% Moody is best. You’re never getting out. How t...[Read More]

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