This mod adds items and blocks centered around TNT. Features: Fire TNT: Creates an explosion of fire TNT Tools: Create explosions when used on the correct block TNT Armor: Ignited the same way as TNT Obsidian Armor: Negates explosion damage...[Read More]

This mod adds one mob, and two items. Mobs: Explosive Chickens: Spawns in Extreme Hills, Beach, Forest and Plains Biomes in packs of about 100. They have strange blue dots on their beaks. They also have the same amount of health as a regula...[Read More]

The Explosive Ores Mod adds identical ores like diamond, emerald, and gold that will blow up when mined. Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge installer Download Explosive Ores Mod Put Explosive Ores Mod zip file into your /.mi...[Read More]

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