This mod adds a few “Final Smashes” from the video game series “Super Smash Bros.” into the game.  This mod is a “Work in Progress,” so there will be more Final Smashes in the future, and the functionality will, in general, be improved. Lis...[Read More]

I have seen a lot of creations in Minecraft and a lot of incredible custom terrain creations but this is by far the best creation I have seen. This creation is a map for Minecraft which is playable but the best part about this map is that i...[Read More]

This map is incredible!! Absolutely amazing, I downloaded the first 5 maps I saw because I felt like an adventure map to play. They were all terrible, that is until l I selected the “father adventure map“. My jaw dropped at the ...[Read More]

This custom map is a adventure custom map for Minecraft, it is a custom map that has been around a while but is still very popular. This custom map is finished and the developer is happy with the finished product, Its the final version and ...[Read More]

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