Utopia Mod adds new tools, weapons, sword, rice, chainmail to Minecraft. This mod is all about a better survival for everyone, so cast in what you want. Features: King tools and weapons Craft like regular tools, Includes a Spade, Sword, War...[Read More]

This is a parkour map that has very easy jumps and some of the hardest jumps in minecraft. You will only be a king if you can beat the map. Rules: No Breaking Blocks Stay In Adventure Mode Do NOT Skip Levels Have Fun How to install: Downloa...[Read More]

King’s Landing, the place where King Aegon I Targaryen, dubbed “The Conqurer”, landed on the continent of Westeros and began to forge the Seven Kingdoms into one.  Here he built his majestic city, over half a millions citizens in population...[Read More]

The cathedral took around 9 days to fully complete (roughly 13+ hrs) and probably and extra 3 to do the interior and landscape lol. The dimensions are pretty large, 438 x 452 x 256

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