Twelve levels all with unique themes. There is only one true button in each level. Find it to progress to the next level. Be careful for fake buttons that will kill you. Find the hidden Easter egg to unlock a bonus level. Are you a button m...[Read More]

Save seven different patients by mending them up, giving them medicine, and?. shrinking down to a tiny size and hacking away at their bones..? After that, you’ll have to enter their body to carry out the procedure before they die, can you d...[Read More]

Temple Master is a large adventure map that features many many traps and smart puzzles that are completely resetable, so no having to reset the world if you mess up! Features: No client mods Many Redstone Puzzles Many Traps and parkour leve...[Read More]

A word in advance: I won’t be going into every item.  There are way too many to go over in this. The Master Sword Mod Main Features Potions Swords Armor A new bow The Master Sword Mod Pros and Cons Pros: New weapons New worldgen New potions...[Read More]

Escape The Puzzle Master Map takes you to a mysterious place where you will get dry and die. You arrive in a world with nothing… you slowly open your eyes and saw a place never to be seen before. You touch your forehead and thought fo...[Read More]

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