Have you ever been playing Minecraft, just minding your own business, until suddenly, you accidentally hit F5 and are forced to confront the horrifying, azure-trousered, pixelated monstrosity that is Steve? Have you played Minecraft for suc...[Read More]

TNT Race is a parkour map for 1-4 players. A random 10 tile long parkour course will be generated out of 60 different tiles when you start the game. The goal is to beat you friends or when you play alone, tobeat your own highscore. There ar...[Read More]

This map has two difficulty levels Normal: break all the blocks to win, or hard: break all the blocks to win and you have no natural regeneration. The map has 50 lucky blocks you have to break and you must play in the 1.7 mod version. This ...[Read More]

It is a map in which two players can compete in a horse race, players have the option to choose the team or green or black.

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