Welcome to Super Wipeout! This map is based off the TV show “Wipeout” in which you have to make it past obstacles to win. In this map you also have to get through all of the obstacles, which are redstone and command block controlled. This m...[Read More]

Hey guys! It’s out!! I finally made a Wipeout map and it’s awesome! Please play it and give feedback! Playtime: about 5-10 min per round Level: Intermediate (it does have quads and head hitters in it) It has 100+ command blocks! A custom co...[Read More]

A minecraft obstacle course map, that includes some epic obstacles from the TV show “Wipeout” remade in minecraft. The Wipeout Obstacle Course map also includes some normal minecraft obstacles. Features: Normal parkour. Slime block launcher...[Read More]

There is normal parkour, some ladder slime block parkour, sucker puncher, broken bridge, slime block cannon, water clime, and the big balls! How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/saves folder. Dra...[Read More]

If you own a TV set then you have probably heard of the TV series ‘Total Wipepout’. A show in which contestants must take on a grueling assault course in order to get the best time and progress through to the next round. Well now, you can a...[Read More]

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